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Gateway of sea access
Tsu Nagisamachi has become the gateway port to Central Japan (Chubu) International Airport.

There are two high speed ships, "Phoenix" and "Cattleya" operating between two terminals, Tsu-city, Mie Pref. and the airport island with 15 round trips daily.

It is a safe, fast, and comfortabe way to travel between to the airport and the district of Mie Prefecture.
-Ferry Service-
  TEL (059)213-4111  FAX (059)246-5558

-Nagisamachi marina-
Port and sea access division of Tsu-city planning
  514-8611 23-1, Nishi-Marunouchi, Tsu-shi, Mie Pref.
  TEL(059)229-3180  FAX(059)229-3336
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